Types of Care

Texas Hospice and Palliative Care

BreakfastFour levels of care are provided. A patient can move from one level to another and back, depending on the services required to fulfill his or her needs.

These four levels are:

Routine Care

The basis of standardized hospice care; home visits by interdisciplinary team members to manage the overall well-being of patient and family which vary in frequency and length according to need.


Continuous care is designed to assist with symptom control of a patient who has not been responsive to medication changes in the plan of care and documentation substantiates the need for crisis intervention. This program provides up to 24 hours of nursing care at the bedside of a patient to adjust medication as symptoms occur. Continuous care will end when patient becomes comfortable and symptoms are fully managed or the patient has passed away.

Respite Care

Respite is designed for patients who live at home with their family and provides up to 5 days of care at a contracted nursing facility. This program is available to assist with family members who are experiencing fatigue, stress, or just may want to take a small vacation and know that their loved one will be cared for.

General Inpatient Care (GIP)

In-Patient care is provided when a patient is in crisis and symptoms are better managed at a facility wherein 24 hour nursing is available to stabilize and manage symptoms as they occur.

All four care levels include:

  • Care Provided at home or in a long term care or assisted living facility
  • Home Medical Equipment, medical supplies and medications related to the terminal illness are provided
  • 24 hour availability
  • Bereavement Support
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